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About us

Urtrade GmbH & Co. KG is an internationally operating, dynamic e-commerce company based in Adenau at the Nurburgring in Germany and other teams in Asia and Eastern Europe. Our consumer electronics and accessories products are available worldwide at various online platforms and shops. With our own brands, we cover the entire spectrum of the mobile world. Quality and innovative thinking are part of our daily lives.

Our philosophy

The Urtrade GmbH & Co. KG sees itself as a creative and open collective with the feeling for current trends. With innovative products, we want to offer our customers as permanent companions solutions for the daily challenges and make life smarter. Creativity is encouraged by individuality. For these reasons, we include every customer criticism in our development processes. With Urcover®, the human being and his individual needs are at the forefront; the motto is always the same:

„Your Cover - Your Style.“


Urcover - The Brand for Smartphone Covers, Screen Protectors, Laptop Bags and all kinds of Gadgets. We not only Specialize in all Kind of Smartphone and Tablet Accessories, but also, We Work very Hard Everyday, to improve Our Service and Shipping Time in your favor. Our Numerous Regular Customers are Our Pride and we always Try our Best to Completely Satisfy all Our Customers. That is why, At Urcover you get High Quality Protective Covers  and Gadgets at Affordable Prices with great Customer Service.

Smartphone Covers, Gadgets and Armor Glass films to Thrill you!

Original Urcover Smartphone Covers are More than Just Protection for your Smartphone. With Our Covers, you can Extrinsically Carry your Style, Attitude or Mood - so it's very Much important to find a Case that Fits you! In Our Collection of More than 12,000 items, you will Definately find the Exact Smartphone Case  and Additional Gadgets that can Surely Increase the Pleasure of your Smartphone Usage, in Everyday Life.

For a Complete Protection of your Smartphone, Specially the Most Sensitive Area that is the Display Screen, we offer you Numerous Smartphone Covers and Armor Glass Protective Films. To ensure an Extensive Scratch Protection for the Back and Complete Shock Absorption for the Display Screen, thus your Smartphone is Perfectly Protected against Everyday Damages.

Our Bluetooth Caps and Headbands  are Recommended Particularly for the Cold Season, So you keep your Ears Warm and at the Same Time, wirelessly Enjoy Music via Bluetooth. But that is not all, You can also use our Bluetooth Caps  to make Phone Calls without having to Hold your Smartphone to your ear, As our Caps Comes with an integrated Hands Free System. If you have to use Your Smartphone in Cold, without having Cold Fingers, Our Touch Screen Gloves  are an Effective Solution. So you keep your Hands Warm and use your Smartphone without any Problems.

We have Revolutionized and Considerably Simplified the Charging Process of your Smartphone, with our Magnetic Snap Charging Cable . Simply Plug the Adapter into the Charging Socket of your Device, Clip the Cable and Start Charging! For those who Prefer Cable Free Charging, we offer Numerous QI Chargers  that wirelessly Charge your Smartphone with Induction. If your Smartphone is not yet Compatible of QI Charging, you can have Our QI-Case and Get your Smartphone Equipped for the Charging Technology of Future.

Appropriate Christmas Gifts for Everyone!

You can Give a Great Pleasure to your loved ones, with the Gifts of Urcover Products. Because Our High Quality Smartphone Cases and Covers, Real Glass Protective Films and Innovative Gadgets can Make Everyone Happy. Urcover offers you a Possibility to Choose Different Billing Address and Shipping Address, so You can Deliver the Gifts, directly to your Family and Friends.

Our High Quality Smartphone Covers, Touch enabled Front Cases and Numerous Universal Gadgets to Simply upgrade any Smartphone, are Exceptionally Suitable Gifting Options. Also our Selfie Light Case is a Real Pleasure, for anyone who Loves Perfectly Illuminated Selfies. Similarly, Already mentioned Bluetooth Cap and the Snap Charging Cable makes an Excellent Gift, that your Loved ones can Enjoy for Many Years. But that is not enough!

Enchanting Covers for the Samsung Galaxy S6 and Samsung Galaxy S7

Since the Samsung Devices are an absolute Contender in the Market, Urcover offers you a Comprehensive Range of Covers and Cases for all Samsung Models . Samsung Galaxy S6 / S6 Edge, as well as the Samsung Galaxy S7 / S7 Edge Cases are Particularly important to Mention.

Now a Days, Majority of the Population can not imagine their Life without a Smartphone and a big Part of it, Rely on Most Innovative Samsung Devices. There is a Good Chance of Damage with Everyday Extensive Usage of your Smaratphone. Therefore it is very Much important to Protect Your Samsung Galaxy S6 / S7 with High Quality Cases, Bags and Real Glass Films from Urcover, against everyday Damages. Particularly, Our innovative 360 Degree Samsung Galaxy S7  / S7 Edge Case  Provides a complete All Around Protection for your S7 / S7 Edge as well as for Galaxy S6  / S6 Edge . We offer this Case, for all these Samsung Models, in Many Colors and Stylish Mandala Patterns. For the People who want to have Absolutely Safe Protection, we offer Samsung Galaxy S6 / S7 Covers, made of Pure Aluminum with integrated Rubber for an optimal Edge Protection, as well as an additional included Screen Protector made of Genuine Glass, that perfectly Protects your Smartphone against Scratches, Bumps and Signs of wear.

If Samsung Galaxy S6 / S7 Aluminum Case is too Bulky for your Taste, we offer you Slimmer Covers and Bumpers as well. Our Full Metal Aluminum Back Case for the Samsung Galaxy S6 / S7 Provides a Stylish and Minimalist Protection with Distinctive Bumper Properties, this Dual Layer Case, Optimally Protects the Frame and the Back of your Samsung Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S7. As an additional Screen Protector, we have Plenty of Armor Glass and Nano Crystal Glass, for you to choose from, which you can combine Perfectly with one of our Bumper or Touch Case.

In addition to the Smartphone Covers for the Premium Models of Samsung, we Offer Numerous Smartphone Covers for Many Other Samsung Models. For Example, we offer Cases and Covers for Samsung Continuous Contenders in many Variations and for many, many more Models!

A Dream of all Apple Lovers – Innovative and Protective iPhone 6 / 6s Covers, iPhone 7 / 7s Cases,
Stylish iPad Air / iPad Air 2 Bags and iPad Pro Cases

Urcover is very Well Aware of the Hype around all Apple Devices, so we put Special Emphasis to Bring you an Extensive Range of Cases and Covers for your Apple Device.

Specially our iPhone 6 / 6s  and iPhone 7 / 7s  Case from VRS-Design offers both a Comprehensive Protection as well as a Modern Look. Our innovative Crystal Bumper, available in Many Colors, Not Only Protects your iPhone 6 / 6s and iPhone 7 / 7s, but also facilitates you while watching Videos and Photos, with its integrated Stand Function. Our Damda Clip Edition iPhone 7 Case has an integrated Card Slot that keeps your Credit Card Safe and Secure. Our Genuine Leather iPhone 6 Case Protects your Smartphone in a Variety of Ways, as it Completely Protects the Back of your Smartphone against Scratches and Its integrated Magnet Closure Prevents unintentional Opening of the Cover, thus Provides Extra Security. Our Transparent Back Case Completely Preserves the Apple logo, So you can show off your Passion for your iPhone 7 / 7s or iPhone 6 / 6s, without having to Compromise on Comprehensive Protection. We introduce you to a New world with our Gravity Case, this iPhone 7 / 7s Case Easily Adheres to all Smooth surfaces!
Perfect for Selfie Lovers or anyone who don‘t want to Permanently hold his Smartphone in hands.

We Have made Perfect Provisions for iPads users. For example, we offer Numerous Smart covers for your iPad Pro , which support the integrated sleep / wake function and therefore, are the perfect Choice for Everyday Use. If you do not want to Hide the Original and Minimalistic Design of your iPad Pro, our Soft Crystal Case is the Perfect Alternative. Our VRS-Design Saffiano Edition Case also has an integrated Stand Function and therefore, its the Perfect iPad Pro & iPad Air Case  for all Professional Users. We offer iPad Pro Cases and Covers for all available Version of iPad Pro.

Our Range for iPad Air and iPad Air 2  users, is No Less. We Offer a Number of iPad Air Cases  with Sleep / Wake function, available in Many Colors, So You can Guaranteed Find Somthing that Fits your Taste. In addition, we Offer you a Large Number of Genuine Samdi Saddle Stands, which Ensure a Convenient working with your iPad Air and iPad Air 2. Our Gearmax iPad Air 2 Bag, Lets you Perfectly and Safely Carry your Tablet with you.

You will surely find the Right iPad Air  or iPad Air 2 Bag  for You, Or to Gift your Partner and Friends for Chirstmas!

Not Convinced yet? The Range is too Big to Choose?

You are welcome to Contact Us for a Comprehensive Advice about all Our Products, by Phone or Email. Our Customer Support is available from Monday to Friday, 09:00 to 18:00 at 02691/5762203 or by Email at shop.support@urcover.com. We are sure you‘ll find the Perfect Product for you. Happy shopping!

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